They are unhappy that you are making repairs, and what time you take out the garbage. They swear due to the fact that your bike is fastened next to the entrance. In social networks, they complain even in the photo of the cats. They escort you with a gloomy look and, it seems, even seek to dress in the manner of dressing, to be offended. Who are all these people and why they are?

They are very close

New residents of the entrance make repairs. In the clock indicated by law, the walls will drill a little – in general, a normal process, it would always be so cultural. But every day two grandmothers who are insulting what is happening go to them. It does not have time to swear a drill, as citizens injured by other people’s improvement, citizens persistently knock on the door and demand silence at any time of the day. Reveling in suffering, they are not ready to go to negotiations and discuss what hours you can drill in order not to disturb them. No, they need to not be drilled at all.

“Why do you need repairs at all – the woman lived there,” they say confidently. – No one has ever done such a noisy repair in our house as you “. And now several complaints have been written in the board of the cooperative, in the prefecture and in Sportloto (who remembers Vysotsky’s song, he will understand). The same people were offended when someone began to store a bicycle in a niche under the stairs-where a place for strollers, sledges and bicycles was allocated in the standard layout of our house. Instantly the eldest on the entrance went around the apartments – to find out who keeps and prohibit.

You also have such neighbors? Or maybe subscribers on the social network? It is sometimes difficult to even assume what a reverent strings of their souls that are not suspecting people can hurt.

Meet wirelings

They are perfectly characterized by the word “complainants” – a literal translation of the term “qurula” from Latin. These are the subjects who enjoy, conscious or unconscious, from writing complaints and participating in trials for the sake of struggle for their rights and forever infringed interests. Most often, these disorders and infringement occur only in their imagination.

But these people, as a rule, ate the dog on where and how to contact, are ready to waste time and resources on endless red tape, create lines and overtake the thresholds of instances so that the “offenders”, sometimes not going to hurt someone, were punished. Over time, officials who did not satisfy their petitions are considered offenders, and all at once the employees of the judicial system, if the complainants lose the case.

Raging on the network

Naturally, social networks today have become fertile soil for quruums. How many people tells about his lives there and expresses his own opinion. And there are so many reasons to find what exactly their actions and views on life insult the next reverent complainants scanning the information space in search of a new excuse to be in a striking.

They can be easily calculated in communities, for example, local. If you monitor posts and comments, it is easy to notice who will always find, what to be offended. They change the old asphalt with potholes for a new one – they are already scribbled outraged comments that it is impossible to get through. The next day, the same userpiks flash under the post with a proposal to feed yard cats – how so, because it is these people who interfere with basement animals, and let the cats catch rats.

And when someone offers tutorial services, it turns out that it is these commentators who “suffer”, that a teacher living ten floors is higher, “someone is rummaging” all the time. And if, after an art history with a photograph of Venus, Milo Facebook (an extremist organization prohibited in Russia) blocked you with the indication that someone’s feelings were hurt, you know, this is their hands.

What are the reasons for this behavior?

So this is a harmful character or a mental illness? As in many other cases, it all depends on the degree of manifestation and isolation from reality. “In personal practice, I periodically meet with this kind of problem,” says psychotherapist Gurgen Khachaturian. – I work with people suffering from psyche diseases, and those who are faced with qurula ”.

Categories of complainants:

Immature individuals who know a lot about their rights and have no idea about their duties. Each of us faced such, often at work. For example, young colleagues with an active life position, who know the best, how to correctly, but the fact that nuances are important in each situation, deny. From the point of view of psychiatry, their behavior cannot be explained by the disease, since this is still the problem of immaturity, which can be “output”. Most often this happens after such people will be fired several times from different works due to the inability to converge with the team.

People with a borderline personality disorder, psychopathy of the paranoid warehouse and paranoid schizophrenia. For them, a distinctive feature will be the lack of a critical attitude to such activities. And without the treatment of the underlying disease, the symptom of which is qurualism, there will be no changes. That is, relatively speaking, they do not retrain.

Elderly people with age dementia. With a deterioration in cerebral circulation, some mental functions begin to suffer and is formed by such a symptom. Those very grandmothers of the history described above most often belong to the last category. Here the forecasts, unfortunately, are quite sad, because brain functions with age -related changes are difficult to. It’s easier to put up and understand that this is an incurable symptom of the disease, and not just harmfulness.

What is their wrecking

What is the quarulants to society? In fact, there are a lot of. For example, they create an unhealthy atmosphere, add tension. If they are convincing, they can pull people to their side, who would never have occurred to feel infringed due to someone’s post, for example. But to a fairly convincing quarularant to quit

Cu siguranță ești bun în acest tip de sex. Dar nu înșela: cel mai probabil, această laudă este cauzată leacuri pentru impotenta emoțiile sale momentane, înainte de atribuirea reală. Probabil că și -a amintit un alt episod, dar ar fi fost Statacolito. Nu vă faceți griji: în același mod, nu toți bărbații sunt la fel de buni în munca lor.

the grain of doubts, and shoots germinate. And now your subscribers in hot disputes were divided into two camps, ready to throw each other stones.

They can masterly find what to be offended by. They harm shops, restaurants, hotels, the entire service sector suffers from them. Moreover, after business owners – and customers, ordinary consumers. Large corporations approve all kinds of documents to protect themselves from their claims. I recall the story of how the housewife dried the manufacturer of washing machines for the fact that in the instructions they did not prescribe a ban on washing pets.

In addition, their endless walking in instances takes time and resources from all kinds of officials and those who really need to treat a real, rather than far -fetched problem. Moreover, behind the noise curtain of their complaints, it is already more difficult to hear the voice of the one who really needs help.

The wrestling is struggled. For example, in California, a person who is officially recognized by a quarulyant can be fined, imprisoned or expelled from the state. Cverularity is destructive, but before inflammation by righteous anger, it is worthwhile to figure out what the possible causes of this behavior. If this is someone from a close environment-it may be time to think about consulting a specialist.

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