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Our Health Care Assistants have received extensive training in the following areas

Dressing and Washing
assisting individuals in mobilising
Getting ready for bed
Assisting with the patients’ overall comfort
Temperatures, pulses, respirations, and weight are taken to monitor the patient’s status.

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Nurses Recruitment

Nurses Recruitment

The demand for skilled medical personnel is growing as people’s earning ability rises. Shancare24 ltd has recruited for a wide range of medical roles. Our expertise in the medical field has earned us a reputation as one of the top nurse recruiting companies in UK and beyond.

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We have the experience to assist you when you require the appropriate people, whether it’s for short-term temporary support or long-term strategic value. Because of our offices throughout the UK and our unique 360° approach to recruiting, the individuals you’re looking for are already talking to us.

“Our clients must have complete faith in the quality and integrity of both temporary and permanent employees.”

Shan Care24